Assignment 1 - Identifying the opportunity


Chapter 2 'Opportunity & the Concept Summary' (Pg. 25 - 50) provides you a guideline for identification and evaluation of opportunities. It is recommended to use these concepts to identify an opportunity you'd like to pursue as a group for this course. For example, content may cover which need is being addressed, how the opportunity is being evaluated, what makes it attractive, which category does it fall under, what will the product or service do on a higher level, who is the intended target audience and how does it compare with existing market landscape. Some suggested topics have been shared with you in the first lecture including

  • Energy Storages
  • Clean Air
  • MIT City Scope
  • Biorefinery
  • Welding ergonomic (VR/AR/MR)

You are free to choose topics other than the suggest ones.


  1. About 3 minute video
  2. PDF document about 2 pages (with all team member names and student numbers on the document cover page, may include transcript of the video)
  3. Video presentation + discussion