Assignment 2 (7.11.2017)

Write an essay of 2 to 3 pages (A4, normal font size and line spacing) on the topic and/or questions given below. Return your paper as a PDF file to MyCourses in one week, that is by Tuesday 14.11. at 14.15. (Reminder of the definition of an essay on this course: a formal short piece of writing on a particular subject; an article; a short scientific paper.)

Topic for assignment 2:

What kind of science questions remain to be answered in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics (outside our own solar system)? How could they be solved? Concentrate on two to three topics that can be addressed by using current or near-future technologies in satellites.

Hint: Do avoid repeating everything you learned on today's lecture, instead look also at new questions. You can use this assignment as a tool for finding and learning more about an interesting project work topic!