Assignment 5 (28.11.2017)

Write an essay of 2 to 3 pages (A4, normal font size and line spacing) on the topic and/or questions given below. Return your paper as a PDF file to MyCourses in one week, that is by Thursday 7.12. at 16.00. (you get two extra days this week). (Reminder of the definition of an essay on this course: a formal short piece of writing on a particular subject; an article; a short scientific paper.)

Answer the following questions considering the whole course (that is Parts I and II), taking into account that the usual essay rules apply. Justify your answers as requested. We appreciate all constructive feedback and will use your input in developing this course further.

What was the most useful (or your favourite) topic on this course? Why?

Was there something you thought useless (or you did not like)? Why?

Was something you consider relevant omitted? (But also please note that everything cannot be included in a 5 cr course.)

Was there something too much?

Suggestions for the course in the future?