First group assignment

Dear all,

Here are the instructions for the first group assignment.

Present an API strategy for Eat & City service in the format of a power-point presentation. Your presentation should include the following points:
1. Which APIs will you make available?
2. To whom will you make APIs available, to everyone or only selected partners?

  • What are the pros and cons of each choice?
  • Why is your choice preferable?

3. What implications will this API strategy have for Eat & City? E.g. future opportunities, challenges, etc.

Only one or two of the groups will be able to present, to be announced before. Each presentation should consist of 10 slides at the most. Please use the notes pages to articulate your argumentation. The slides should be visually appealing (not a wall of text). Where possible, connect your analysis to the course readings and frameworks covered during the sessions.

The deadline is deadline is Monday, 29.1.2018 at 2pm, max 20% of the grade