Group assignment #2

Your task

The goal of the assignment is to explore a potential new business model for Asiakastieto or City Digital (

The business model does not need to provide a new value proposition, but it has to suggest some new elements, such as new channels, new partnerships, new kinds of relationships with customer, or new pricing models.

The assignment should show an understanding of key topics in the course and attend to potential relevant platforms and channels. You should focus your assignment on a specific idea that you develop further rather than providing a bunch of unrelated suggestions.

Examples for Asiakastieto:

  • Pricing strategies for data
  • Refining and recombining data to create higher value products
  • New delivery channels that integrate to key business processes. This can include integration to enterprise IT systems such as SalesForce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP
  • Partnering with other companies to leverage existing customer contacts of Asiakastieto, acting as an information sales channel

Examples for

  • Leverage existing revenue model through new channels and partnerships
  • Develop a new value proposition for media companies or restaurants
  • Create a new marketing concept that incorporates a mobile app that facilitates payments, special discounts, stamp cards, and restaurant reviews in restaurants. Could take advantage of open banking APIs mandated by PSD2 directive
  • Design improvement to the customer-oriented value proposition by incorporating data available freely or through collaboration

The quality of the suggested business model is not critical, but innovativeness and your ability to assess it. You can explore a business model that appears to have potential but which you decide not to be realistic after further exploration.

You can include suggestions concerning the implementation of the business model and details about required data, but it is not a mandatory part.


Length and format

Please return the assignment as a PowerPoint file. The presentation should be roughly 8-12 slides with notes pages as necessary. Please pay attention to the visual appeal of your presentation.

Grading criteria

The group assignment is worth at maximum 30 points. The grading is based on the following criteria:
  1. Relevant use of course readings and session contents
  2. Innovative suggestions that take advantage of data assets held by the company or external parties
  3. Clarity and professionalism of the presentation
  4. Use of accurate information about the business environment, potential partners, and the case company



Please return at MyCourses at latest on the evening of February 5th!