Course pre-exam

The pre-exam familiarizes you with selected authors of organization theory and the processes of theory development and testing. 

Please acquire the book “Great Minds in Management: The Process of Theory Development” edited by Ken Smith and Michael Hitt (2005, Oxford University Press). I recommend you to read the whole book, but for the purposes of the pre-exam, the following 10+2 chapters are required:

Main chapters by theorists: 2 (Bandura), 6 (Hambrick), 11 (Staw), 13 (Argyris), 17 (Mintzberg), 19 (Weick), 20 (Freeman), 22 (Scott), 23 (Williamson), 24 (Winter)

Also read chapters by editors: 1 and 26


Please answer the following questions:

1.     How do you think the basic disciplines (economics, psychology, social psychology and sociology) have influenced the management theories covered in your readings? Can you identify different styles of thinking based on disciplinary differences?

2.     Can you identify a connection between different styles of theorizing or theories and the methods used by the authors? In particular, to what extent are theories tied to the use of qualitative and quantitative methods?

3.     For each of the ten authors, list briefly: a) what you thought was the single most interesting insight, b) think of a phenomenon to which the ideas could be extended, either theoretically or in practical application 

The answer to each question should be around 500-1000 words (1-2 written pages). Please write essay answers to the first two questions, paying particular attention to the logical structure of your answer. Please use references (preferably APA format, see e.g. Return the pre-exam on MyCourses in Word or PDF format no later than on September 11th.