Pre-assignment for lecture 15.11.: Visit TalentIT Fair and use FairMate event app

TalentIT career fair is held at Otahalli on Thursday 1.11.2018 at 11-17, free entrance.

Pre-assignment: Download the free FairMate app and get to know at least 10 different company stands. Make your own personal notes and colour codings of each company in the Fairmate app. Write a short review (max. 900 characters) about the usability of the app: a) what was good about it, b) what needs for improvement did you notice? Submit your text below in the text box by 14.11. Note: if the app is not working on your phone, please think about these questions: 1) what was good about the fair 2) what needs improvement?

Load “FairMate for TalentIT event app” – The official TalentIT application
The application is available on Google Play and on App Store.

FairMate (by Codemate) event application - For tracking event vibes and to make private notes

The goal of this application is to facilitate the documenting of the visitor' own personal impressions and aid the further processing of the contacts made at the fair. With this application, students can make private notes - whether to keep track of the impressions the exhibiting companies made or in order to manage agreed actions e.g. interview times, scheduled appointments etc. Familiar traffic light colored system is backing up the direction of further conversations and the app user can place the desired color code for each exhibitor. The application lists all the TalentIT 2018 exhibitors