Post assignment (DL 7.12.2018 24:00)

You can think this task as “the 6th learning diary”

Include original mindmap (from pre-assignment) and the updated one.

Write: What did you learn during the course? Did you perception of business models change? How? Why? Did you change your opinion on something? Were there specific readings that you found crucial for you learning?

Same formalities as in the learning diaries:
- between 300 and 700 words, can be more
- formulated in your own words
- must have clear references to the literature
- you can include references outside course literature

I will evaluate your ability to reflect your learning journey (understand->explain->analyze->synthesize). Again, same requirements as in the learning diaries.

Deadline for submissions: 7.12. 24.00. 
(automatic penalty if late: 1 grade per each starting 24h)