01: Pre-course observation exercise: "Surveying Life at Home"

Before the first meeting of the class, spend 45 - 60 minutes in one place observing people’s behaviour and make notes in whatever medium you feel is most appropriate and comfortable. If you take photographs, make sure you keep detailed information about the place, time and other possible contextual information associated with it.

To help you focus, imagine you are part of a research team engaged with the topic of "Life at Home". The word home can be interpreted as widely or narrowly as you wish, so you could do the exercise in a public or semipublic space like a town square or a shopping mall, for instance, or a shop that sells home decorations.

You do not need to submit anything for marking, but you need to do the task before the first session. Bring notes of your observations to class for discussion.

Be advised that I won’t be able to answer email (at least not easily) between 16.12. and 2.1.

See you in January,