09: Individual Data Portfolio

Collate a selection of the data you have been gathering for the course into a neatly presented portfolio that can be printed on A4. You can, but you do not need to, include something from each task. You can also include other materials that make sense when combined with these (e.g. if you have been making cross-overs between coursework and your own research).

Generate a simple and clear presentation of your data and do not forget to include a short overview of the contents, ideally noting which task the contents relates to, to help the reader.

Be judicious with captions and annotations but remember page numbers.

The compiled portfolio should not exceed 12 pages in A4 format. In addition, write an essay of maximum 1400 words. DUE DATE 26.01.

About transcription: this will take up space, so if you want to include it, a page or two will be plenty. However, make sure you have your transcription, like any visual or indeed other materials you have produced, ready to hand for analysing later.