Assignment 1 – Predictive Modeling and a Dash of Time Series

Due: Friday, 8 March 2019, 12:00 PM
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Deadline: Friday, March 8th, at noon

The first assignment is meant to be a bridge to the concepts that you have already studied in Data Science for Business I as well as to prepare you for the concepts studied during Week 2.

The assignment is worth 16 points. Late submissions will suffer a 20% penalty for being up to a day late and a 50% penalty for being more than a day late. Assignments more than 2 days late will not be graded.

Please submit your solution as a single document. We recommend using a Jupyter notebook file, since it can nicely display the Python code you used along with its output, and exporting it to PDF (or HTML). Name your file studentNum-lastname-firstname-a1.pdf (or .html).