Task 2 Group work assignment (upload presentation slides by 28th Feb noon)

The 28.02.2019 you will have to present your concept as an statement of what are you going to be
working on for the next months. The media or tools you are going to use later may diverge but your
concept will remain the same till the end of this creative process.
For the 28th be ready to present:

-Max. 10 minutes of visual and verbal presentation
-Short description of your concept (text)
-Definition of the three questions I previously mentioned
-Analysis of your approach
-Underline keywords that supports your concept
-Visualize your idea (Mood boards, images, videos, sound, etc.)
-Be ready to defend the relevance of your concept.
-You have to deliver a PDF document that contains your presentation

•Because 10 minutes is a very short time, decide well within your team who is going to do the talking
•Prepare well for you presentation and avoid “silent gaps” when you are presenting
•Give interesting images and words that the audience will easily remember