Project Proposal

Palautettava viimeistään: maanantai, 25. maaliskuuta 2019, 17:00

Please send me a 1-2 page pdf that explains what you are planning to do as a final project for the course.

  • A short description of your idea and concept
  • Description of the interaction, if it is interactive
  • Reflect a bit on how you are going to create and structure the code:
    • Possible problems or things you do not know how to do.
    • Possible solutions to these problems that you have found
    • You can even do a small sketch of how it is going to work as a list or as a flowchart.
  • 1–3 references (existing artworks, references relating to your concept, code samples, external libraries etc.)
  • Sketches or images, if you have some (not necessary)