Homework 4: Due to Monday the 3rd of June at 23:00

Homework 4: Due to Monday the 3rd of June at 23:00

Reading 4

2. Diller, Shedroff, Sauber (2016) Blind Spot: Illuminating the Hidden Value In Business: Two Waves, 113-160 pp.

Question: What is in your opinion the relationship between meaning end experiences?

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1. Verganti, R. (2008). Design, Meaning, and Radical Innovation: A Metamodel And A Research Agenda. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 25(5), 436-456.

Task: Create the Mindmap of the paper content.


Assignment 4: Customer Experiences


Take any way of transportation e.g. a tram, plane, ferry, metro, a bus, taxi or bicycle. Create customer service journey with relevant touchpoints and map out your experiences either by emoticons, experience curve, quotes, take photos, sketch. I encourage you to use an Experience Fellow https://www.experiencefellow.com application. The detail instruction on how to utilise Experience Fellow you will get at the lecture.