The Final Assignment: due to the 18th of June

The Final Assignment: due to the 18th of June

Ecology of your service design learning


During the course make notes and reflections on lectures, exercises, homework, the workshop and reading material. Make a visualisation with explanatory texts about your understanding of the course content and their parts and how these are related. This is a reflective task how did you understand the main topics in service design, but it also can be a common in a service design exercise. In the final assignment, you should include reading material, lectures, practical work and reflections, which should be visible in your individual assignments.

You can apply the service design ecology to a profession where you work, to demonstrate how your company can benefit from your learning in this course.

Feel free to use graphic design programs (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign) collage, drawings, but not PowerPoint. The size of the poster should be bigger than A3, a poster size. At the final lecture, you will present your work in a presentation of 5 min to your fellow students.

If you decided to do your exercise digitally please send it to me before the lecture, so that it can be projected from my computer.