Final Paper

Due: Thursday, 6 June 2019, 11:55 PM

The Final paper is the encapsulation of all the discussions and reading and group work that we have done throughout the course. Instead of a long essay or a learning diary, I am going to ask you to respond to a few specific questions that can help me judge the extent of your understanding.

My expectation for for the assignment is about a thousand words. I will not penalize any submissions that are marginally over or under the word limit, but I request you to not go too much over or under.

The questions are 

1. How do different branding approaches understand the relationship between the company, the product, the brand, and the consumer?

2. How do different branding approaches (USP branding, Emotional branding, cultural branding) influence the role of the brand manager?

3. Which of the branding approaches do you think work best in the contemporary environment? Explain your choice with a current example?

4. What kinds of brands or categories can be more sensitive to branding approaches other than what you have explained in the above answer?

5. Pick a recent case where a brand's strategy was not successful? Try and identify the reasons for its failure and what it might have done differently?