Lab 1. PLC programming

For labs 1-4 we will use CoDeSys v.3.5 SP9 patch 1 programming tool.  PC class (AS5) computers have this version of Codesys installed and the template student projects have been developed with it. You may download it to your own laptop from Materials page. Those who already have a newer version of Codesys installed (Codesys web), should change the project environment settings when opening a new student project following the procedure described in the troubleshooting guide:

Lab 1 material

In this first Lab1 you will need to develop two separate Codesys template projects. You will write simple PLC programs in ST and LD language.
Links to Codesys tutorials are given in lecture 1 slides. Lecture 1 folder contains also Codesys_intro.pdf document.
This folder contains the following material for Lab1 exercises:
Lab1_PLC_programming_ 2019.pdf: Task descriptions
Lab1_GettingStarted_2019.pdf       : Extra guidance and tips for lab1
OilTank_example_Lec2.pdf             : Slides needed for task 3.3
Lamp_student.project                     : 1. Codesys project file
OilTank_student.project                  : 2. Codesys project file