Final pitch / Tuesday, October 15, 23:55

Revise your problem, customer, solution and business model and make sure they are tightly connected and compelling. Prepare a video pitching your complete idea to investors, and more generally to anyone that could support you with tangible and intangible resources you need for your project. You need to convince the audience of the existence and importance of the problem that you will address, the advantages and uniqueness of the solution offered, the suitability of your team for delivering the solution, the achievements of your team in justifying your solution including any feedback validating your problem/solution, the existence and importance of the potential market and the financial viability and coherence of the business and revenue model. Beyond content, you should also work on providing an enthusiastic and compelling presentation. To do so, you need to rehearse a lot and be able to deliver the pitch seamlessly and without looking at notes. You can incorporate slides in your video but presenter/s need to be visible during most of the video to give a personal touch. At any point either the presenter or full screen visuals can be visible, not both.

The final pitch should not exceed 4 minutes. 

Grading will be done by the instructors. See detailed evaluation rubric on MyCourses.