Final Report

Compose an action report, detailing the most important aspects of both progress and outcomes of your team while developing your venture idea during the course. Make sure you describe how the idea evolved over time, and the types of feedback and interactions that contributed to its evolution. Be specific and use examples detailing assumptions your team held, how these were informed by successive interactions with mentors, the instructors and most importantly, potential customers, and how exactly your final idea is shaped by feedback received. You are expected to use supportive evidence of the claims you make: demos of the product or service, detailed descriptions of potential customers and their most relevant quotes, photos / videos and other material that documents your teamwork, and so on.

You are also expected to reflect on both the outcome and process of venture ideation of your team. What are the lessons you learned, and which instances most contributed to these lessons? What was harder and easier for your team? What were your strengths and limitations, and how did they relate to the idea developed? What would you have done differently? And how could you improve your venture ideation process and outcomes in the future? Note that the purpose of the report is not to provide feedback to the instructors on what you liked or disliked about the course, as you will be given the opportunity to fill in a survey for this. The purpose is to reflect on your own experience and lessons learned within this course, in terms of the insights you can take away with you in terms of the venture ideation process. 

Make sure you produce a coherent, easy to follow report, checked for spelling and grammar mistakes (use the inbuilt function in Word for a spelling and grammar check), that focuses on most important insights and corroborates them with concrete examples. Also make sure to stay within the 2.000 word limit. You can add quotes, photos, links, demos, and other supportive materials in appendices at the end of the report, excluded from this limit, but these would have to be referenced concretely in the text as supportive of specific arguments.

The Team Action Report is graded by the instructors. See detailed evaluation rubric on MyCourses.