ASSIG 1: A method for Ecosystem Services Mapping in the Great Helsinki Region + identification of potential use of GIS

Opened: Monday, 7 October 2019, 9:00 AM
Due: Sunday, 20 October 2019, 6:00 PM

Powerpoint (15 minutes per person)

WHAT?: Which Ecosystem Services do you want to map?:

  • One? A few? Many?

GOAL: WHICH KIND OF CHALLENGE do you want to address/solve?

Identifying, mapping and assessing one Ecosystem Service /Disservice?

  • Combining different Ecosystem Services

  • Comparing the provision of one/many Ecosystem Services and their demand?


  • Which methods do we already have to achieve your goal? Are they useful for you?
    • OPTION1: Use one existing method

    • OPTION2: Adjust one existing method

    • OPTION3: Develop a new one

  • Which existing layers of information on GIS do you have (land uses, land covers, density of population, ….?.

  • How can you use te existing layers to produce your expected output?

    • If you are working in only one Ecosystem Service, you will probably need to research on the generation, assessment and demand of that Ecosystem Service

    • If you are working with more than one Ecosystem Service, the combination of different Ecosystem Services to inform Planning will be probably one of your main tasks


  • Define your GOAL/CHALLENGE and the SCOPE of your planned work (one, few, many ESS;  the whole Blue-Green Infra of the Great Helsinki Region or one portion of it (e.g. private gardens, urban forests…)).
  • Represent in a DIAGRAM the GIS layers that you are planning to use and the kind op GIS operations and combinations that you will need to perform (remember that this will be an iterative exercise in which your work with GIS will reveal you new information and will give you new ideas)

  • See examples from course MAR-E1004 in MyCourses > Resources > 3_Lectures ESS.  Please review carefully the following slides which will be discussed in our next session:

  • --- slide 9 in the pdf “6a_MAR-E1004_GIS in Landscape Characterization_FINAL RESULT_TEAM1.pdf”
  • --- slide 5 in the pdf “6b_MAR-E1004_GIS in Landscape Characterization_FINAL RESULT_TEAM2.pdf”
  • --- NOTE: Remember that, in contrast to the course MAR-E1004 (GIS in the Landscape Characterization of the Uusimaa region, the use of GIS in this edition of the course will imply the combination of  geographical layers and their connection with some “Tables” explaining the Ecosystem Services/Disservices that you decide to study.