Assignment 1

Think of two interesting areas of research in your field you would like to explore. You will write a review article on one of these topics and also present on it, so choose your topic wisely. Topics can be based, for example, on what you did for your bachelor’s studies, a current course focus, or your future master’s thesis topic.

Submit two short paragraphs (max 200 words per preliminary topic idea) by 18.09 and be prepared to discuss your ideas in class.


• Filetype: Word (doc, docx)
• Length: Up to 200 words per idea
• Form: Bulleted lists, short paragraph
• You may include a graph/picture illustrating the topic


1. Heading (your topic)
2. Field of study/research
3. Describe/define the topic with two to three sentences
4. Importance of this topic to the scientific community?
5. Importance of this topic to the industry?
6. Why you chose this topic?
• Extending your BSc thesis
• Potential topic for MSc thesis
• Related to a current course in which you are participating
• Other