Study diary

Every student will write a study diary to be submitted to MyCourses by the December exam (10.12.) and it will be graded. 

The study diary should contain the following:

  • Brief notes about the most important points that you learned during each practise session, and exercises/calculations that you were asked to make during the sessions. Do not copy everything from the handouts, but emphasise what you learned, think of it as ”documentation for yourself”, or what would you need to know if you were asked to be the assistant for this course next year!
  • Following up on ”your” quasar that will be assigned for you, to find more information about and to observe during your observing shift. More information about this task will be given in separate instructions!
  • Feedback to us about the course! Template questions are here, but feel free to add more comments and opinions. 1) Why did you choose to enter this course? 2) What was the most useful (or your favourite) topic on this course? Why? 3) Was there something you thought useless (or you did not like)? Why? 4) Was something you consider relevant omitted? (But also please note that everything cannot be included in a 5 cr course.) 5) Was there something too much? 6) Suggestions for the course in the future?
Please note: the DL to submit the diary is by the December exam date, 10.12. If you write the diary while you are progressing with the course and especially the practice sessions, you should possess the skills needed for the exam by the time of the exam. Do not procrastinate!