Team Assignment: Online marketing content by Oct 28, 21:00

Due: Monday, 28 October 2019, 9:00 PM

Online marketing content, deadline Mon, Oct 28 21:00.

- Content plan

- 4-5 content pieces (4 for teams size 5, 5 for teams size 6). The idea is that everyone (except COO) will write one content piece. The piece means any type of marketing material for any channel - blog post, the poster with infographics, video, twit, article etc. You can make different materials for more/less the same channels. If you have video or smth else that you can't upload in MyCourses, you can upload pdf or doc. with a link. The material should be different, channels could be the same. One small notice - materials should follow the principles of inbound marketing - you shouldn't tell customers about your solution, instead -try to grasp customer's attention by talking about the topic, industry and users'  problems.

- Please name your files with the Group name.