Final REPORT submission box (DL 12.12. at 13)

Please submit your team's final report here by December 12 at 13 o'clock. This is a group submission box. 

In the report, you should present the problem, your analysis, the service design process (main points from kickoff to final presentations), your solution with technical details, implementation requirements and current limitations, and recommendations for your case organization. The report will enable you to elaborate on the details that you leave out from the presentation. 

The final report should be a business report, not an academic paper; i.e. your target audience is the case organization. You are encouraged to use academic literature and references where appropriate. The report should not exceed 15 pages,  excluding cover page, table of contents, references and appendices (assumes standard font size of 12 pt for the main text). It must include a 1-page executive summary that can be used for communication purposes (mandatory). The use of illustrative figures and tables is highly encouraged. Remember to include your team name, and list of team members' names with University, School, and Major information.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the capstone and business writing rubrics that are available here before you start writing and before you hand in the report. The format of the report is up to your team to decide.