Mid-course group report

Due: Sunday, 3 November 2019, 11:59 PM

It is enough if only one member of each group submits the report. Make sure that you list names of all your group members at the front page of your report.

There is no fixed structure, but:

  • Make sure that you have a clear motivation and background on why you are building the solution that you are building
    • What is it that you are trying to solve and why
    • Extract the essentials from your problem description
    • Elaborate on the points
    • Clearly cite any external sources you are using
  • Define the scope of your project – things you aim to do, things you foresee worth doing, things you will not do
  • Present your team and the skill set (interests) in the relevance to the project
  • What is the gain (the value) of the project – why it is going to make the difference?
  • List and describe your stakeholders
  • Include and elaborate on your plan and risks
  • What are the tolerances within you are willing to work with
  • Connect all of it to the things that you have already done and learned about during the course:
    • You know in detail your sensors (what are their limitations and what are their characteristics)
    • You have heard about signal processing and SW development – what approaches are you going to take and why?
    • You have nice pictures from your breakdown sessions – use them to substantiate your claims
    • You have recorded some data – support your implementation ideas and risks with those