Week 1: Return here your group's Annotated portfolio

Due: Friday, 1 November 2019, 5:00 PM

Although I originally said that the Annotated Portfolio would be sent via email, it is better for tracking of course points to return it here. For Week 1, the portfolio focuses on framing

Week 1 (Concept sketching):

There will be 7 minutes for each team for the presentation. Therefore the time will need to be used wisely. In your presentation, focus on presenting one concept only for the rest of the class. Explain these things about it:

  • Descriptive name for your concept
  • What use scenario the concept relates to
  • What makes this concept intreresting as a design challenge. This tells what you will focus on in your future stages in this course.
  • Are there problems and design choices that you know that you have not fully tackled yet. 

A good presentation format is a one-slide annotated portfolio where you have a sketch of a possible use situation in the middle. The surrounding texts will contain the 4-5 most important things about the concept. These things should be the same as the topics that you will talk about in addressing the bullets above.

The 3-page document should contain the following contents:

Submission's length is appr. 3 pages. It should present how you have framed the design brief (i.e., the design of a context-aware notification app). Each page should contain one annotated portfolio. Together, they should be examples of different framings of the design brief, possibly different alternative design directions that belong under the same umbrella concept that you have identified during this week. The first page should present your "winning" concept on the first page. The winning concept is the one you also presented in the design crit, and which you will probably develop further in this course.  The second-best and third-best alternative concepts should be on pages 2 and 3. 

The visualizations in the centers of the pages do not need to be finished-looking designs. They can also be sketches and drawings of use situations, or quite sketchy visualizations of some contents in an app. So don't over-design your concept at this stage. You will have a chance for that on Week 2.

NOTE: Anyone in your group can submit the PDF on the whole group's behalf. Agree in advance who will do that. The deadline is at 17.00 on Friday. You can also submit the PDF after the deadline, but that will lead to 1 point deduction.