Project Proposal

I'm formatting this somewhat in the way that you would need to do for a grant application.

The plan should have the following:

  • Work proposal: Description of the concept and content of your artwork
  • Timeline/schedule of how you are going proceed in creating the artwork (you can make the plan assuming that the exhibition will be during the first half or April)
  • Your CV (this should be an artistic CV, no need to include your work experience outside the art/design field). If you have not had any exhibitions or artistic work before this, you can submit a normal CV.
  • List of needed equipment and materials + budget. Please include a list of all the equipment and materials you think you would need to complete your work. If there is something that you know we don't have available in Aalto, include the costs of those items (buying/renting). I don't have an exact sum for what we can use on this, so your budget will basically be a list of expenses. I will check what you have listed and then we will try to figure out where we can get those starting from January.
  • Possibly some images/sketches/video of your work
  • Please use .pdf files for anything with text and .jpg or .png for additional images
Due Date: Monday, December 2nd