Week 2 personal deliverable

Use the same structure as in Week 1.

Here is a checklist of important matters, based on observations from Week 1's texts:

  • Clearly indicate the section structure in your answer (1, 2, 3)
  • Write full sentences and clear paragraphs. This is because they communicate your personal learning experience better than e.g., bullet points.
  • Pay attention to completing also step 2. Be specific: instead of saying that you read articles and reviewed existing apps, list the most important of them with reference and/or app names. Tell what you learned from them. If you feel that you did not learn what you desired from the articles mentioned in the lectures, you can tell that and reflect what dissatisfied you in them. You can also discuss material that you found on your own.
  • I’m interested in your personal learning. So keep the description of your group’s doings short, and focus on yourself in the answer.