Description of routine you choose to execute during startup experience

Before Monday, Jan 20, 23.59 you have to upload 1 doc. (pdf or word format) that should include:
  1. Your full name and students number;
  2. the description of routine - what exactly you will execute and how often? The routine has to be executed at certain frequency: every day, every second-third day, every week. But not less than once per week. The factor here is the duration of routine - if you plan to execute the routine every day - a few minutes is enough, but if once per week - the routine should be longer - an hour on average;
  3. the reason why this routine and what is the big goal behind it? What you want to achieve in the end of Startup experience by executing this routine?

Time roulette to track where your time goes and allocate your routine based on this tracking. 

If you want you can present more than 1 routine - a package of supportive routines. For example, 1 routine you will execute once per day, another, supportive - once per week etc. 
We will organize sessions during the course to discuss with you your execution process; 
You will be able to modify / change your routine during the course after discussing the reasons with Lidia.

The routine could be also something that you do not do for yourself but for someone: helping someone, cooking for the family, reading the book for kid etc. However, in this case, it will be more difficult to execute on a regular basis as more parties should be involved, not only you.

If you have any questions about the task – please, contact Lidia by email