23.3.2020 (DL) Report of group meeting 2 (learning diary)

Instructions for your report on group meeting 2 (learning diary)

This assignment gives you the opportunity to reflect on this Master’s Thesis Process course and the general progress of your thesis so far. Here are some questions that may prod you into action:

How have the meetings been, in particular the second meeting? Did you learn something?

  • Did you receive help or ideas directly related to the structure or content of your research plan?
  • Did you experience joy (or pain) in sharing with your fellow students?
  • Did you experience frustration (or ease) when setting up meetings with fellow students who can have quite different schedules and priorities?

By now you should also have had a meeting (or a few meetings) with your thesis supervisor and advisor.

  • How did the meeting(s) go?
  • How would you describe the roles of the supervisor and advisor?
  • How has the combination of 1) preparing a research plan in the context of the Master’s Thesis Process course and 2) guidance from your supervisor been of support?
  • Has the course rather complemented or confused the process?

Between half a page and a page of wise reflection will suffice. Submit your text by 23.3.2020.