Week 5: Your group's deliverable

Due: Sunday, 1 December 2019, 11:00 PM

Week 5's deliverable will not be an annotated portfolio, but a link to a Google Doc or other text in Internet that you can collaboratively edit.

The document should be a collection of useful information that you have gathered while you have been working. Contents can be, for example:

  • Links to pages that list JavaScript, CSS and HTML information (e.g., reference manuals and documentation)
  • How-to pages
  • Code blocks that you have used by adapting them to your project
  • Tutorials (blogs, websites, online videos)
  • etc.

Structure the document so that you can use it also later, if you have a project that requires some frontend web programming tasks.

Points (0-6) will be awarded based on: completeness (how well it covers issues that the group members decided to pursue in their individual projects) and readability (how usable the document can be for later use after some time has passed).

How to submit this deliverable: Because it is not possible to submit web links directly within MyCourses, you'll need to upload a PDF that has a link to your online resource.