Your astronomical view of the world

On this course we discussed how the astronomical view of the world has changed over the past few millennia, particularly during the last 500 years or so. At the same time, the culture and our ideas of the world we live in have changed, too.

Task: Write a short (word limit: 500 words) essay that considers the following points:

  • Has this course affected your (astronomical) view of the world in any way? Please give examples.
  • Having learned the concise history of astronomy, do you think it has affected the way you think about the world around you? Explain why or why not.
Please note that the answers go straight to the course assistants, who also will handle the grading. Grading is based using the guidelines for the learning diaries, with the exception that instead of "Lecture topics" we ask you to consider the course as a whole and how you experienced it. If you think, for example, that some topics felt completely out of place on the course, or if, in your view, some teaching/learning methods didn't work for you at all, don't hesitate to mention that! That's reflection, and you won't lose any points simply by disagreeing with us.