If You Missed Contact Session #4 (deadline: 1st April) Voluntary

As competing this exercise requires access to the software, and it is difficult with Mac, this exercise is not compulsory. I apologize for the slow information, as I did not realize that this was an issue for so large part of the group. Therefore, it cannot be a requirement for this course, and this task is voluntary.

Make the following Compensating Exercises (submit them as a one Word or pdf document):

1) Make 4 firts exercises (found in the attachment) by using CES Edupack program (can be found from cimputer classrooms of CHEM). The 5th exercise is so called demo exercise which we showed in the session, you can make it too (just for learning) as you can use this tool also in your Final Report...

CES Edupack program can be found from all the computers in the School of Chemical Technology's computer classrooms.

CES Edupack has also very good tutorial videos which will help you in these exercises:


Submit the answers and the extra Ashby diagram in ONE document (with referencea) here, the deadline is 1st April, 10:00 am.

Remember to make all the normal Individual and Group tasks too.