Reflection paper/report, DL 6 May

For the end of the journey, we want you to reflect upon your journey from the beginning of the course. So, for this final assignment, we want you to write and also, if possible, visualize your routine building journey. 

We hope you can at least touch upon these points:

  1. Describe your routine journey: for e.g. How was it at the start, ow has it been for you to keep up with the routine, how has the routine absorbed into your life, how has it evolved and developed?
  2. What are the difficulties in building, shaping, and maintaining a well-being routine according to your experience of the past 8 months (Sep 2019 - April 2020)?
  3. What are your tactics to tackle the difficulties? For e.g. the tools you have used, books you have read, the help of the lectures, etc. 

The format of the reflection paper is free, you can write an essay, draw the journey map, tell a story, etc. It is also very good to mix-match them so your reflection paper is more lively. The length of the reflection paper is also free, so you can decide how long is your paper. 

This reflection is not only for the course's credits but also for your own benefit to observe and analyze how have you improved on your journey, and whether the routine building mechanism can be applied for other aspects of life. 

The deadline for this is 6 May (23:59).