Team poster, DL 6 May

As a team, please create/design a team poster on an A2 paper. You can make a digital format of the poster, and we will take care of the printing to showcase the posters in the final event on 13 May. 

The poster is free-style with the format and arrangement, yet could include these points: 

  • Your team members (or some of members) journey, especially memorable moments of the journey with Good Life Engine to create, build, iterate, and maintain your health routine.
  • Most important things you want to share upon your experience building and maintaining the routine, and at a larger scale, developing personal perspectives and growth regarding well-being topic(s).
  • The tools, tactics, techniques you have used to keep track/maintain your routine. Also, recommendations/suggestions for others. 

As it is the poster, a mix-match between short text and visuals are better than plain-text poster. Yet, again we would not restrict anything and encourage you to be creative here. 

The posters will be printing and show in our last session, and possibly in the AVP space as well. If you would have any opinions about this, for e.g. you do not want your sharing points on the poster to be published, please let us know. 

The deadline for this assignment is 6 May by midnight. It is because we want to reserve enough time for printing these out.