Let's design final event together! DL 30 April

We are thinking of a Final event for the last session of the course on May 13, from 13 – 15. Event should be anything but fun, enjoyable, and relaxed. And that is what we aim for!

As this course was made especially for the personal development and well-being of students, this event is meant for you and celebrate your growth and connect with each other. 

Co-creation is at the heart of the course, and we believe that you all are the course designers who work together with us and fellow students to explore, improve, and highlight the importance of students’ well-being. So, let’s design and make this event together! 

From your side, we would like to task you to work as a team, to:

Design the event, one that you really love to see, join, and be part of it. One that showcases your memorable moments of the journey so far, one that you find smiles, sharing, tips, empathy from fellows. (You could, for e.g., think about some activities such as journey mapping, performance/act that you may be able to involve or participate).

We do not want to restrict you to any limitations, but to be practical, some of these points should be considered when planning the event:

Ideas: Among all the ideas, perhaps your team could pick three most interesting/exciting ideas to make a plan for the event. 

Location: no restriction. AVP space can be taken into consideration as well.

Time: May 13, from 13 – 15

Budgetenough for food, drinks and small costs

Participants: students, teachers, possibly guest lecturers. Approx. 35-40 people will attend.

Format to submit on MyCourses/email: presentation, poster, etc. 

The process would be:

1. As a team, you will create/design the dream event. It would be best if you can prepare a short presentation to introduce your team’s ideas to others. Just a basic presentation would be good enough. It is from March to April. Ideally, we will have 7 spectacular event plans.

2. In April session, we will hear and select ideas from all the teams, bring them together to make the best of Good Life Engine’s Final Event. By WE, it means all of the students and teaching staff. So, everyone chips in and has a voice in this process. 

3. The staff and students (if you are eager to) prepare for the event based on chose ideas/elements. We will try to make it as great as possible.

4. On Wednesday, May 13: we will have the event and celebrate our journeys together!