Kristineberg-Trip part of Learning Diary

Please submit by Wednesday evening the Kristineberg trip part of your learning diary. This is the first section of the learning diary you will submit at the end of the course and should be no larger than 5mb and 5-10 pages long (including images).

To make a good diary please go through your recollection, images and notes of events and write about your reflections on the events that took place. A good diary will not just include reporting but also personal reflection and links to further research undertaken. It might include selected sketches and photographs and it will respond to some of these questions: What resonated with you and why? which new thoughts did you get and what research did you do to follow up on this new thinking? Did you sketch / photograph / write? How do you as a designer relate to what you saw? What could be your 'voice' and agency in this project? Where there any surprises? How was the poster assignment and collaboration with the architects work out for you?