Final individual assignment about routines by April 9th

Instructions from Lidia:

With the current world situation with coronavirus, affecting our daily rhythms I assume that many of you had to change / modify your well-being / self-development routines that you have been executing. Probably, you also came up with new routines to maintain mental and physical health at current challenging days. Thus, instead of telling about your routine execution in final reflection, I want you to write me a short essay about your routines during online studying / working period.

The possible structure of the essay (you can use any other format/structure you like):

Name/ student number

Routine(s) that you executed before everything went online

Challenges (if any) you encountered alone the way of routine execution before everything went online

Any changes in you that you noticed as a result of routines execution?

Changes in your routines after everything went online: did you keep the initial routines or did you came up with new routines? Any execution tips (formats, tools that support execution, time frame etc.)

Your analysis / reflection about the role of your routines in your current quality of living

You know, that we are working on Good Life Engine course. Thus, I would like to have a possibility to use your ideas and experience, as they are super valuable for concept development. Therefore, could you write in the essay if you allow me to use your thoughts about routines? I will not for sure mention any names.

Please, upload your essay in Self-development track by April 9th 23:59.