Final Essay

Due: Monday, 8 June 2020, 9:00 AM

The final essay is the encapsulation of class discussions and reading that we have done throughout the course. Instead of a long essay or a learning diary, I am going to ask you to respond to a few specific questions that can help me get a better sense of the extent of your understanding.

My expectation for the final essay is about fifteen hundred words in total (about 300 words per question). I will not penalize any submissions that are marginally over or under the word limit, but I request you to not go too much over or under.

The questions are 

1. How do different branding approaches (rational branding, emotional branding, cultural branding, experiential branding) understand the relationship between the company, the product, the brand, and the consumer?

2. For each of these approaches (rational emotional, cultural, experiential), identify one successful brand that is a good example. Discuss how the approach is the right one for the brand?

3. Pick a tech-platform/marketplace company of your choice (Amazon, Uber, Alibaba, Tiktok, Youtube, anything else). How does the brand engage with end consumers differently when compared to other categories (say FMCG goods)?

4. Identify a strong product oriented brand that has recently forayed into services (e.g. BMW launching BMW DriveNow). How has the brand managed the shift from products to services? What aspects of the brand had to be modified and how?

5. Identify a brand which has successfully extended itself horizontally i.e. beyond its original category (e.g. Samsung Galaxy extending itself into smartwatch category). Identify another brand that successfully extended itself vertically i.e. in the same category but in a different price segment (e.g. Youtube extending itself into paid, premium-content category). What do you think made these brand extensions successful?