Weekly exercise: Laboratory analysis

The laboratory analysis exercise consists of an introduction session on Tuesday and an analysis session for each group on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Introduction session:

The exercise will be introduced Tuesday morning in Zoom. 

Analysis session:

Each group has been signed with one mystery water sample (options are: seawater, lake water, river water, groundwater, rainwater, spring water). Through a series of different quality analyses, each group is supposed to discover which sample they are working with. The analyses conducted are presented in the Laboratory Analyses –printout. Please familiarize yourselves with the analysis prior to the session, this will significantly facilitate and speed up the session for everyone. If you come unprepared, it is very easy to forget everything you have done quickly.

You will find the results of each group by clicking on the files with the groups number below.

Print and bring with you the Laboratory Analysis -printout (see below)

Submission guidelines

Submit your laboratory analysis presentation before the wrap-up session on Friday. The DL for the final report is the following week's Wednesday.