6. Course Essay - by 18 December

Implications of systems thinking perspectives in your field of action/profession/practice 

(1500-2000 words)

Theme: ‘Implications of systems thinking perspectives in your field of action/profession/practice’

Length: 1500-2000 words | Submission deadline: Friday, 18 December

Write an argumentative essay in which you weigh arguments for and against a ‘position’ and take a personal stand on the question:

• Whether sustainability requires strong, more hierarchical and technocratic governance or the empowerment of bottom-up initiatives?

• Whether cities, dense human settlements and sophisticated infrastructures are key to solving sustainability problems?

• Whether consumer behaviour is driven by human nature or corporate interest?

• Whether sustainability transformations need to and can be managed?

• Whether nature should and can be assigned intrinsic value?

Evaluation criteria:

• Use of literature and key concepts of the course

• Own analysis, argumentation and the development of implications for the selected field of action/profession/practice

• Quality of writing.