Individual Assignment - Personal reflection - Deadline 10.11.2020

Due: Tuesday, 10 November 2020, 11:59 PM

Every team member ( including COO): Mind Map reflection, post it in the group forum (not here)

Then COO comments on the reflection before COO debriefing. 

Please upload your Mind Map on the forum by uploading the file or sharing a link to. 

Upload your reflection (Mind-map) to your group forum by November 10, 23:59. 

COO comments on team member's reflection by November 11 23:59. 

Please reflect what did you learn during the last two weeks:

- What did you learn from the workshop and lectures on market fit, sales and marketing, financials? How did it help with the team progress with the project if any? 

- Any differences from the previous sprint in terms of team dynamics

- Any particular challenges or things you want to share regarding the course? 

- Do you manage to steadily execute routines? 

Please upload your Mindmap to the forum.