Team Assignment - Pitch IV Slide Submission - Deadline 23.11.2020

Due: Monday, 23 November 2020, 11:59 PM

Final pitch and pitch rehearsal requirements

When you prepare the pitch, create a standalone pitch like the previous one was not happening. Because on final pitching session, you will have guests and external judges who didn’t hear your pitches before and don’t know about your field, topic, users etc. (course teachers will not be judges at Final pitch). That is why you keep useful parts from the previous pitches (like your user persona and problems you are solving) and you add new content.

You have to prepare pitch for potential investors. The goal of your pitch is not just to deliver the information, it is to make an impact! We want you to inspire and convince the audience that your business has potential. We expect to see following elements in your pitch: opening (with team name) (please, presenters, name yourself when you start the pitch), problem, solution, your market, business model, your team, traction (if you have any), the closing will call to action. Unlike previously, when everyone did exactly the same order, we would expect this time teams would present things a bit more interesting. We would like to see teams deciding what to emphasize during their 3 mins. Include all the slides in the appendix in case of questions. You don't need to show everything but show the important ones and the rest can be in the appendix. 

Timing is again 3 min.

We grade the fourth pitch based on how well you manage to open up mentioned above elements, the logic and comprehensibility, deliver of the pitch, timing. In addition, we will concentrate on how you convince us about your startup’s business potential and the business' societal impact and sustainability elements. 

We (teachers) will be critical with comments for rehearsal, to provide you with elaborated feedback before Final pitches.

Deadline Monday 23.11.2020 23:59.