TASK 1 Background study [DL 25 January]

Aim is to find general information about the location and about the development needs of your project sector.

Concentrate on relevant information only, find out for instance about economic, environmental, social, geographical, cultural and political situation. Look for general information about your topic relevant issues in your project region or country. If available, read the previous project reports and summarize, don’t copy. Look for reference projects for benchmarking.

Distribute tasks within your group. Submit one document only. The document can contain also pictures, graphs and images. Remember referencing technique with good academic manner! The form of the document is free.

Background study should include the following:

  • Country review (good sources; world bank, undp) with a location map
  • Description of the background and present situation in the location (community, town, region, country)
  • Analysis of the operating environment
  • The recipient country’s sector-specific (in relation to your topic) and other relevant policy guidelines
  • Description of development needs (in relation to your topic)
  • Connection to other possible projects or development programmes (UN-HABITAT, Red Cross etc.)
  • Compatibility with the recipient country’s poverty reduction programme or similar
  • Any other potential actors in the target area, common approaches, also in Finland
  • Reference material (articles, project reports, news, technologies, tested methods); list at least 5 reference projects and summarize them with key points (later on you will have to benchmark and compare them, so pick only relevant ones!). Reference project can be research article, implementation plan, review, pilot project, evaluation, etc. (in relation to your topic!)