TASK 2 Project Plan [DL 8 February]

This is a project document for supporting your own work during the course. Pay attention to your own goals, form of the final result and deliverables, communication plan and schedule. This is a working plan for your group, not final result, and it can be updated throughout the course. Note also course specific date.

Checklist of the content:

  1. Summary of the project document (one page, main points, often written last)
  2. Background study (updated, relevant parts of the background study, benchmarking the reference projects)
  3. Beneficiaries (potential)
  4. Objectives and monitoring
  5. Implementation plan (partners, resources, travel, timetable, sustainability)
  6. Risk analysis (internal and external risks)
  7. Budget (field trip, material costs, project costs)
  8. Communications and reporting plan (blog, internal communication, meetings)