TASK 3: Mid-review presentation and peer-review [DL 4 April]

PART 1: Mid-review presentation, pecha-kucha style timed presentation: Where are you now?

PART 2: Mid-review peer-review, read other team's project plan and blogs, prepare questions and feedback: Where are they now?

Prepare mid-review presentation using PechaKucha method: 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 min, 40 sec in total). Presentation can include pictures and text, but should be rather visual. Set automatic slide change and practice your presentation!

Some questions to answer:

Where are you at now? What are the defined project objectives? What are your findings so far? The main challenges? Possible solutions? What are the next steps?

Get familiar with other appointed  team's work (project plan, public blog, facebook), write questions and feedback. Submit one pdf file. (ALM > UniWASH > Refugees > ALM)

Give your presentation and the presentation file an appropriate name. Submit two presentation files: timed Power Point AND pdf version. In addition submit your peer-review questions and comments in one pdf file. So expecting three pdf files from each team! :)