Commercial software exercise

This is the last assignment for this course. It aims at hands on experience with Emme. 

In room 335, on the two computers closest to the door, you can find Emme installation. 

Log-in with your Aalto user name and password. 

Follow the instructions on the paper behind the screen to activate Emme on your account. 

You will find Emme Desktop shortcut on the Desktop. Start the software. 

When the prompt appears, select "Create a new demonstration (Winnipeg)". Follow the promt to the end, and wait for the model to load. 

Once Emme Desktop is active, start Modeller from the top left corner of the interface. 

Once Modeller is active, open Winnipeg Toolbox from the bottom left corner. 

In the Winnipeg Toolbox, one Workshop folder. Then go to Kildonan bridge, and then 1a Introduction. Follow the instructions from there, and continue until you finish the whole exercise on the Kildonan bridge. 

Once finished, take a copy of the Logbook text, or a screen shot with a Snipping Tool. This is a proof that you have completed the exercise. 

If you want to earn extra credit, you can also take the second exercise on BRT. 

Let me know if you have questions.