Team Assignment: Slide Submission (10.03.2021)

Due: Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 9:00 PM

Instructions for Pitch 3:

Regarding the third pitch, you present your SOLUTION. You should include the problem statement, customer/user persona. Also, include your takeaway from the disruption workshop and market estimation. Remember to incorporate the feedback that was given for the previous two pitches. Convince us that you have a legitimate problem with a probable solution that would help to address the problem directly. 

Thus, the content is the market/field you are working on, your potential users, their problems, your solution, how does it solve their problems, market estimation, team. If you have platforms, you should present all the sides of the platforms: who, their needs or problems. If you have users and customers, present both. We are not yet looking for business models.

Timing: 3 min

We grade the second pitch based on how well you defined your users and their needs, solution description, your market estimation, the logic and comprehensibility, timing. Remember to use the feedback given for the previous pitches and see how you can improve on it based on what you have learnt.