Team Assignment: Slides Submission (24.03)

Due: Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 9:00 PM

Business Model Pitch  

Create a standalone pitch like the previous one was not happening. You can and should keep the useful parts from the previous pitches, and you can add new content while your project has moved forward. 

This pitch concentrates on the business-model including cash-flow and unit economics. 

We expect to see/ hear the following elements in your pitch:  

  • Problem or need with an explanation on who has the problem/need and who is willing to pay for solving it 

  • Solution and proof of someone willing to both use and pay for it (can be separate parties) 

  • Your market size (which will tell us the upper limit of your potential growth) 

  • Your business model (Where the money comes from i.e. cash-flow and unit economics. Investors are not part of business model and listing them as source of revenue will lower your grade significantly.) 

  • Your unfair advantage or how you will disrupt the market  

  • The minimum requirement for passing the pitch is showing who pays to whom and why  

In addition, we expect to see a logical and coherent pitch not a list of the bullet points above in exactly this order. Remember that a pitch is a presentation with an ask.  

The baseline grade is 3If you answer everything listed above or almost everything, you get grade 3. For grade 4 you need to have easy to understand original analysis For grade 5 you need to have also actionable and believable insight as well as a plan on how to move forward. For any grade above 3, you will typically need some additional content that is relevant for your specific startup and therefore not listed above. However, sharing irrelevant detail fill count against you.  

Timing 3 min. 

Note about grading:  

It is rare and hard to get grade 5 from a pitch. From the previous pitches, only one out of fifteen teams received a 5. However, even your total grade of the course will be a combination of your team grade and individual grade. Therefore, if your team gets 3 out of all the pitches, you will still have a good chance of getting grade 5 as an individual