Transfer of Rights + Permission to photograph

Due: Friday, 15 October 2021, 11:59 PM
On PDP every student is expected to transfer their rights to Aalto University regarding the project. Thus, every student shall add their signature to the attached document and return it here. This includes both local and global team members. As it was explained at the lectures, for an individual who refuses to sign this contract, it is, unfortunately, impossible to continue on the PDP course within the company-sponsored projects.

To make things faster and easier, we suggest the PMs collect the signatures of their team members into one document and then return one document per team here. If necessary, you can also return several documents, for example, one for those who can sign it together in a meeting, and another one for those who sign it remotely. If you need the document in a printed form to sign it, you can come to the PDP office at DF, and we can print one for you. An electronic signature is also ok. Please collect all signatures within one week, until the 15th October - the sooner the better!

Quite often some magazines or web pages may publish pictures or videos about PDP projects where the students are also visible. Let us know if this is not ok for your team, and we will avoid publishing photos that include you. We suggest PMs check with everyone in their team if it's ok and let us know.